Monday, July 23, 2012

So-Cal and No-Cal

I was thinking about this distinction as we traveled from Southern California up through Northern California to Oregon. They are a different species, of more normal people who are tired of having their water stolen by LA. Don't worry though we are vaguely punished for it by having to watch documentaries about how LA is mean and bad and steals water from everybody else. I swear I have seen that documentary at least three times.

Also (in an unrelated note) on the freeway I saw a tourist-bus-sized, shiny RV on the back it said "roughing it"...not so much.


  1. On the other hand, they do have San Francisco. My friend from Santa Rosa calls Northern California "the land of the fruits and the nuts".

  2. Fermented fruits...Napa.
    Actually I like San Francisco. Granted, I have never really lived there but I have visited twice. Last time I found myself super jealous of all the people that get to run in the park right beside the bay, it looked very flat. Also we went to this one place called the Buena Vista and they made a smashing-your-shot-glass-on-the-floor-thor-style-good Irish Coffee. Or it might be that any city other than Santa Paula seems great.
    I have always wanted to just live in different big cities and experience them, New York especially.